Single Review: Minna Ora – Sea

Minna Ora - Sea Artwork

Minna Ora is completing her quest to become an indie-folk heavyweight, and she takes giant leaps with her fresh release, ‘Sea’.

It is a concoction of natural components, and it breaks down the industry walls with intensity. Furthermore, Minna takes us down a new path, and although her sound is not a criterion, it still hits home with unique charm. 

From the outset, appeal leaks from the track like a dripping tap. Moreover, it opens in an unorthodox fashion with an acoustic guitar strumming away alongside an angelic backing vocal and a mesmerising piano melody which comes with harrowing qualities. Suddenly, most of the sounds in the overture stop, but the guitar keeps playing, and it meets Minna’s lead vocal impeccably.

Once Minna is in the mix, she brings a new form of energy to the compound, and she pushes through with a bite ahead of an almighty chorus. Minna and the music pick up the chorus’s pace, and the power gushes out with vigour. You will struggle to get away from the record at this stage, not like you would want to. 

Vocally, Minna Ora has a distinctive timbre which gives her a strong selling point in a space where the competition is rife. Her ability to include piercing backing harmonies pays off massively given the number of tracks I hear in this space which stay away from having backing su[pport.

Overall, ‘Sea’ does what I was anticipating. It is a journey to a more peaceful world, and it leaves a long-lasting impression with it influencing us to come back for another fix. 

You can check out the track over on Spotify, and make sure and follow the artist on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

About the Author

Jack Kirby is a music journalist with plenty of years of experience in music press under his sleeve.

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