Single Review: Julia Thomsen – New Beginnings

Julia Thomsen - New Beginnings Artwork

‘New Beginnings’ is quickly becoming a festive favourite with Julia Thomsen unleashing the charm from the get-go. 

It kicks off with a festive overture which is similar to many film scores which rose onto the Christmas scene decades before now. I believe this to be a strong influence for this composition with many thinking it sounds similar to something from Home Alone. I do not dispute their opinion either; it has a substantial Home Alone vibe which makes it seem like the perfect track for one of the previous movies. Shame, it did not come out sooner. Mind you; I am sure there will be remakes in the future? I imagine this will be top on the list for the sync team.

Nevertheless, film scores aside, ‘New Beginnings’ brings something fresh to the table too. It has a feel-good cadence which is difficult to refuse, and the arrangement which Julia introduces is stimulating. Moreover, it has a power which delves deep into our senses and the passionate sounds which rise to the top leave an indent like no other. So much so,  you will struggle to shake them off. 

Overall, ‘New Beginnings’ truly opens up the door for a beautiful soundscape. It has a natural aura and similar to Julia’s last compositions, it delves deep into spontaneous elements. Also, it is a track which is raising awareness for the Shelter charity this Christmas and Julia is kindly offering donations to the charity based on sales and downloads. 

You can check out this track over on Spotify, and while you’re at it you can follow the artist on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram or check out their website. Also feel free to check out our previous review of the artist by clicking here.

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Jack Kirby is a music journalist with plenty of years of experience in music press under his sleeve.

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