Single Review: Gerry Cinnamon – Hope Over Fear

Gerry Cinnamon - Hope Over Fear Artwork

Gerard Crosbie, more commonly known by his stage name Gerry Cinnamon is a singer/songwriter from Castlemilk, one of the districts of Glasgow. He had been performing music for several years after returning from London, eventually forming a band called The Cinnamons alongside Chris Marshall, Lori Duncan, Dave Bass and Gav Hunter, with Gerry serving as the frontman for the group. You can actually check out an early interview with the group over on The List, by clicking here. The band released a five song EP back in 2010, unfortunately I wasn’t able to find the EP online, it still exists on MySpace but it won’t play, however you can check out one track off the EP in the interview linked above and also he has incorporated another, ‘Sometimes’ into his subsequent sets. 

Gerry kept the Cinnamon moniker when he moved onto performing as a solo act, and as his profile began to grow through various gigs and word of mouth, he was invited to perform at a rally event for the Scottish Independence referendum held in George Square, Glasgow. It was at this event that he debuted ‘Hope Over Fear’, and one of our contributors, Tori B Bearly, was lucky enough to catch that first performance, and you can check out a video of that right here. Speaking of which, I had a hard time finding any official recordings of ‘Hope Over Fear’ however the video linked below happens to be the first time I heard the track, so for me it’s the original and I figured it was good enough to share with you lovely people. So with all that done, let’s move on to the actual review. 

‘Hope Over Fear’ has a lively acoustic guitar, that works perfectly with Cinnamon’s vocals, his voice is strong and melodic, and his accent adds a raw, emotive quality that both exemplifies his music and also adds a lot to this track in particular given the connotations of the track and it’s associations with the indie movement. It has a lot of energy and gusto, with subtle slow downs, perfect for live events and it just captures such an honest take on things. I particularly liked the harmonica, which in my opinion can make any song better but adds just a touch more vibrancy and power to the track as it progresses. Vocally, as I mentioned up top, he has a rich voice, I especially like the moments where he lets go just a bit more and really belts it out, much like the harmonica it builds onto something already special and makes it even better. 

So that’s what I thought of Gerry Cinnamon’s single ‘Hope Over Fear’ and if you want to check that out for yourself then head on over to Facebook. Make sure and support the artist by following them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram or by visiting their website

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