EP Review: Coastal Fire Dept – Radio

Coastal Fire Dept - Radio Artwork

Coastal Fire Dept are an alt-rock four piece group from the Vale Parish of Guernsey made up of Bobby on Lead Guitar, Ollie on Rhythm Guitar/Vocals, Saad on Bass and Gareth on Drums. Today I will be reviewing their EP ‘Radio’ which was released on the 4th December 2020 and was created with the intention of capturing the raw essence of their music, while making it more radio friendly. 

‘Fight the Scene’ kicks off with a heavier, ambient sound, a nice fusion of instruments that build subtly in tempo, as they merge with the strong, engaging vocals. I really liked the energy of this one, it starts off the EP on an extremely high note. I liked the blend of percussion and strings, they support one another really well, for a solidly, complex instrumental melody, and support the vocals incredibly well. 

‘Coco’ has a different intro, whispering, with a rawer guitar intro, but it nonetheless is a brilliant track, it hammers forward, with some truly impressive instrumental sections that much like the previous track, serve to support and boost the vocals. Speaking which, the vocals have gone up another notch this time round, harder and less restrained. I really loved the vocal harmonies on the screaming in particular. This one just has a powerful forward momentum. 

‘The Message’ slows things down a touch, showing a range to their musical style, it also shows a softer, more melodic, and acoustic note to their voices. Even when the harder instrumentals kick it, it still captures a softer vibe, and their voices are so powerful, and the synergy between the band is so prominent that even the more low key vocals are not overpowered by heavy drums and strings.

‘Same as You’ opens with a tight baseline that keeps going, but flows into a busy mix of their main instruments. It’s a nice central track, not as heavy as some of the others on this EP but also a little harder off the bat, than the previous track. It shows one thing clearly, that regardless of pace and style, Coastal Fire Dept rock, and they rock hard. I think this served as a strong finish to a great EP and I’m eager to hear more from the group. 

So that’s what I thought of Coastal Fire Dept’s EP ‘Radio’ and if you want to check that out for yourself then head on over to Spotify. Make sure and support the band by following them on Facebook and Instagram, or by visiting their website

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