Single Review: Suman – Let Go

Suman - Let Go Artwork

Suman and her producer, Ayo Beatz team up again for their new delivery, ‘Let Go’. It is a track about struggling to part ways with a loved one and Suman pierces at our heartstrings with an unforgettable performance. 

Musically, the track gets underway with a slick guitar which sits on top of a clapping drum rhythm. The overture is potent, and it leads us forward well with the excitement flowing from the get-go. Also, I enjoy that Suman is straight into the occasion within two seconds of the track commencing, she takes no hostages, and she gets to the melting point quickly, it is refreshing!

Moreover, Suman leaps forward with vigour, and she takes us on a journey with her vocals sounding warm with a contagious hook which will have you gripped. The chorus is the real breadwinner for me, it has an eastern vibe, and although there are unique qualities within the melody line, it does sound a little generic, maybe they could have delved into their corner a little more here?

Towards the latter, we hear Ayo Beatz pick up his production toolbox, and the result is a colossal finale. So much so, it influences us to hit the replay button for another fix; also although the ending is slightly repetitive, it does finish the piece off in style.

Overall, ‘Let Go’ is not only a track which gives something new on each play, but it also proves that Suman is evolving as an artist. As a result, I am super excited to hear what else she has up her sleeve as we head into the new year.

You can check out the track over on Spotify, and make sure to follow the artist on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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Jack Kirby is a music journalist with plenty of years of experience in music press under his sleeve.

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