EP Review: Krapka;KOMA – Time’s Not Real

Krapka;KOMA - Time's Not Real Artwork

Krapka;KOMA are a multi-instrumentalist, electronic duo based in Lviv, Ukraine made up of the talented Ira Lobanok and Alona Kovalenko. Today I will be reviewing their debut EP ‘Time’s Not Real’ which was released on the 27th September 2020.

‘Sweet Distraction’ opens with synthy percussive notes, building and rising, softer tones mixed in throughout as vocals are layered on top, and on that topic, the vocals are rich and melodic and beautiful, one of the vocalists, reminds me in the best way of Dodie Clark, a British singer/songwriter and YouTuber. Just something about their gentle and honest, and raw vocals just match up in a very real way. 

‘Time’s Not Real’ is the title track of the EP and as such holds special significance and pressure to be good, and it does not let the artists down, it’s very different to the previous track, but no less impressive. It’s a little quicker and a little heavier, the other vocalist has a deeper voice, no less powerful or engaging, but it accomplishes different things. I liked the heavier synthy vibes of this track, the subtle horns and rhythming percussive notes, all meld really well. This is a great track to just sit back, close your eyes and listen to, because for it’s relative simplicity, it really packs a wallop. 

‘Asylum’ is again very different from the two previous tracks, it’s got more energy upfront for a start, and the percussive electronic beats are at the forefront of this one, the vocals are subtly placed behind the melody, almost like your hearing them from far off, it works really well, especially with the occasional echo/reverb after spoken lines. This has a darker, heavier vibe to it, but it really work, and you just kind of get lost in it. 

‘Real Eyes Realise Real Lies’ opens similarly to the previous track in that its heavy on electronic percussion and bass notes, but it’s also a lighter melody, the subtle horns and strings woven throughout build a more complex thread through the track, and the harmony between both vocalists was a welcome addition to the track. 

‘Sugar Moon (ft. Pixi Ink)’ kicks off the vocals earlier than previous tracks, and the melody starts off more developed rather than building throughout the track, it shows both ends of the musical spectrum, and gives us one final taste of what the band are capable of. I really liked the piano chords woven throughout, they really raised the game for the final track, which was overall truly beautiful to listen to. 

So that’s what I thought of Krapka;KOMA’s EP ‘Time’s Not Real’ and if you would like to check that out for yourself then head on over to Spotify. Make sure and support the band by following them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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