Single Review: Zipten – Cube Escape

Zipten - Cube Escape Artwork

Zipten cruises out of Italy with his latest electronic driving anthem ‘Cube Escape’. It is a track which provides us with a soundscape with memorably quality and the direction which the instrumental goes in, is relentless from the get-go!

Kicking off we hear the producer delve deep with a booming beat which kicks to the rhythm of the rising synth which gradually makes its way to the top of the mix. It brings an almost underwater feel in the overture, and it sounds as though the music is coming up from the abyss.

Out of the intro, we head into a melodic instrumental section where the mix becomes even sharper with a new foundation taking the focal position. It is a trend we regularly see on this track with the mix often darting around many places.

As the track progresses, it cleverly hits the melting point with all the guns blazing before taking a step back and gradually descending to the finale. However, as the climax arrives, it feels as though something is missing. Also, with the new track being super short anyway I had to look twice to make sure I heard the correct version. Nevertheless, it appears this is intentional, and maybe it is a technique to lead us onto the next?

Overall, ‘Cube Escape’ hits the melting point on numerous occasions, and it catapults to the finish line with ease. Also, for me, I enjoy how the composition regularly changes shape, and Zipten proves how versatile he can be as a producer with him often taking a new path.

You can check out the track on Bandcamp and go ahead and follow the artist on Twitter and Instagram, or visit their website.

About the Author

Jack Kirby is a music journalist with plenty of years of experience in music press under his sleeve.

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