Food Review: Monster HydroSport (Various Flavours)

Monster HydroSport (Various Flavours)

Monster HydroSport LogoMonster HydroSport is a relatively new product released by the Monster Beverage Corporation (formerly the Hansen Natural Company) the makers of Monster Energy in all its permutations including classic Monster Energy, Monster Energy Ultra, Monster Juiced, Monster Punch, Monster Espresso and the brand we are here to discuss today, Monster HydroSport. Interestingly enough on the 14th August 2014 Coca-Cola purchased a 16.7% stake in Monster Energy, and as part of this deal, Coca-Cola transferred ownership of all their energy drink brands, including the competitor brand, Relentless to the Monster Beverage Corporation and in return, Coca-Cola was given ownership of all Monster Energy’s non-energy drink brands.

I’ve been a fan of Monster Energy for years, and as you can probably tell from some of my other product reviews I’m a fan of energy drinks in general, so get in touch if you’d like me to review more products in the Monster product line. But anyway, let’s move on to the review. 

Monster HydroSport (Hang Time)Hang Time (Blue)
This one is slightly tart, but it’s refreshing and surprisingly full of flavour. It’s not exactly what I was expecting from a non-carbonated version of the popular energy drink but it’s nonetheless enjoyable. It’s soft, smooth but lingers on the palate. It has a reasonably high caffeine content, but it’s not too harsh, which is both a positive and a negative for me, sure I don’t want something too bitter or heavy, I’d just eat coffee grounds if that was the case but because of the muted, softer elements of this and the other products it just feels like it doesn’t have much bite, not really befitting the moniker…Monster. I will add that it’s probably the most noticeable in this one because it has the lightest overall flavour, however to balance that, it has the most appealing scent. 

Monster HydroSport (Charge)Charge (Orange)
This one is a little harder on the palate, just a touch more harsh and acrid, but it actually works really well for it, it basically fixes the issue I had with ‘Hang-Time’ where I felt like it was too light and didn’t give me the same visceral hit I’ve come to expect from a caffeinated drink. I like how the flavour isn’t too diluted because of the lack of carbonation, because you often find with flavoured water drinks, even ones with higher sugar contents, that the flavour is, and pardon the pun, washed out. This one has the strongest overall flavour but also the most indistinct, I mean the branding and colour would suggest orange, but that for me at least doesn’t come across too well. It is however crisp and refreshing.

Monster HydroSport (Striker)Striker (Green)
This one is right in the middle between the two others in terms of flavour, it’s still refreshing, and has a nice, smooth and distinct citrus feel to it. You get a pleasing lime hit right at the back of your tongue. It was smooth and rich, and while enjoyable was my least favourite of the three. 

Each of the three drinks was broadly pleasing, although each satisfied a different element of what I look for in a beverage, especially an energy drink. I enjoyed them all, but found that despite having more flavour than I was expecting, and being very powerful flavours, they were not distinct enough, they were just really broad, albeit tasty. Flavours. In addition, the fact you don’t really feel like your drinking something caffeinated could be dangerous as you could be inclined to drink more as a result. Lastly, and I touched on it a little above, they have a very unique aroma, not unpleasant, not particularly nice either, just noticeable and I’m not sure about you but I usually don’t want my drinks to smell too much. That being said, I would recommend these, they are all good quality, packed full of energy and, once you’ve found the one that suits your taste preference you’ll be sorted. 

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