Oreo Chocolate Bats

Halloween is a time of treats and spooks so why not mix the two! I originally came across the recipe inspiration on Pinterest which were Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups with Oreo bat wings however as someone with a peanut allergy, I had to think of a way to try to make some bat friends that would be safe to eat and not waste any Oreo biscuits! 

So I made these for a community group I am chairperson of called Unity League, and you can check out a piece on the site about us here. Oh I also recently made these again for Link Up, as part of their Link Up Lockdown Cooking Project, and we just uploaded the video of me making it, microwave catastrophe and all, so check that out here


  • One pack of Oreos
  • 200g of milk chocolate
  • Decorative eyes


  • A knife 
  • Spoon/spatula
  • Three bowls – one microwave or heatproof
  • Cupcake tray 
  • Cupcake cups


  1. Separate the Oreos into biscuits and cream – try to keep the biscuits as intact as possible!

  2. Cut any whole biscuits in half or sort and keep any half pieces of biscuits until you have enough for 12 bats (or 24 pieces!)

  3. Add the rest to a bowl or a bag and crush up – make the size of the biscuits to your liking!

  4. Break the chocolate into a bowl and either set it on top of a pan of boiling water or pop into the microwave at 15 second intervals stirring each time to melt the chocolate.

  5. Once melted, add and mix in the oreo pieces.

  6. Pour the chocolate/Oreo mix into cupcake cups and add the half pieces of biscuit on top to look like wings – or use the oreo filling to keep them in place!

  7. Place the decorative eyes onto your bats and let set. Alternatively, if you don’t want to use or have decorative eyes, you can soften the Oreo cream and use this as the whites of the bat eyes and use Oreo crumbles at the pupils!

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