EP Review: Päter – SOLE

SOLE - Päter Artwork

Päter is a musician based in Toronto that we’ve both reviewed and interviewed on Off the Record before and with their newest EP release, SOLE, of course we jumped at the chance to review them again.

Dam, Damn
Starting off with Dam, Damn – a song I‘ve reviewed on it’s own!

It’s a great start to the EP – upbeat and inspirational and still sounds fresh even though it has made its way onto my daily playlist and everything said in my piece on the solo song stands up even after my multiple listens.  

Moving from the upbeat, kick ass vibes of Dam, Damn into a slightly slower, smoother sound, Sleep feels more like a frustrated shout into the void. Sleep gives me the feeling of being in a quiet apartment in a big city – still but not trapped. 

The musical change from Dam, Damn into Sleep is, of course, noticeable but the high quality of Pater’s talents flow through each line, as well as featuring a really great guitar solo. 

A shorter song, with heavy bass and a strong jazz vibe, Levity feels more like a spoken word piece. The lyrics feel more like a mantra than a song, something to tell yourself in the eye of an emotional storm – that you can ‘overcome the come down’. 

It’s a fantastic example of Päters vocal skills – with incredible high and low notes and gorgeous vocal melodies complimenting the lyrics wonderfully.

PR (public relations)
Following on from the slower, melancholy feel of Levity, PR (public relations) feels like a love story to the person you can evolve and grow to be when you’re with someone. The breaths in the song add to the story being told – it’s heavy and hard to say but still filled with emotion, both positive and negative.

The song feels more like a Muzak/demo song, with a slower, sadder melody. The song feels like a true love song until the lyrics catch up with itself and the story of a romance improving someone to where they realise they don’t fit into the romance is told. 

Moving into an upbeat pick up song, YANVO is a reminder – one that even a 25 year old like me needs – that You Are Not Very Old. That there’s still more to do and still so much more time to do it all. 

Peppier and with a motivational feel, the track plays with overlapping melody and vocal work alongside strong powerful basslines. With the great lyric ‘in a hundred years or so you’ll still be younger than a tortoise’ YANVO stuck with me long after my first listen. 

they love you
Going back to a jazzier feel with more great vocal focused backing tracks, they love you is a direct statement that ‘the war is only make believe’. That the people that love you, do in fact love you and want you to improve.

The melody is both smooth and aggressive, it feels almost like a pinch of tough love from the voice at the back of your head. The track ends with a well deserved applause to round out the EP. Every song is fantastic, each track with it’s own feel and take away. Päter does an incredible job of keeping the EP feeling cohesive while still having stand alone value.

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