Cameo – A Shout-out to the Fans

Cameo Artwork

I was recently introduced to an awesome platform called Cameo (although it has been around since March 2017). It’s a video sharing site created by Steven Galanis, Martin Blencowe, and Devon Spinnler Townsend which was made for the purpose of connecting celebrities with their fans. The creators realised how valuable interactions with these celebs was to their fanbase, how ‘the selfie was the new autograph’ and with the new technology and prevalence of social media it was easier and easier to forge this connection between fan and celebrity, so they created Cameo to create a link between the two, much the same way Uber created a link between driver and customer. 

The actual inception of the idea came after one of the creators managed to get NFL player Cassius Marsh to record a video of himself congratulating their friend on the birth of his son. This core concept informs the very nature of the platform, small honest reactions and interactions between influencers and those fans. 

As of 2020 the platform currently has over 30,000 celebrities who can be tapped for their services, the talent sets their own price, going as low as a few pounds right up to the more expensive end of the scale, with people like Caitlyn Jenner who charges roughly £2000 for her videos. The categories of celebs available on the platform range from Disney Talent, to Athletes to TikTok Influencers right on through to Musicians with many, many more options in between. 

I think the most vital point to make is that Cameo is a marketplace not just for fans to interact with celebrities, but also allows them to request specific messages from them, from things as simple as a ‘Hello’ or a ‘Happy Birthday’ right through to recent Snoop Dogg Cameo making the rounds on Instagram, where a very dedicated Chemistry teacher, instructs his class to stick with it because education is the best route to success, and of course to read the syllabus. If you want to check out the video then click here.

So yeah, if you want to reach out and receive a message directly from your favourite celeb them head on over now, if you run a business you can even have them endorse you directly (although this comes with some rules) and if you have a celebrity in mind who isn’t on the platform, why don’t you just reach out to them on social media, after all they can charge whatever they want, and it’s easy money for something that brings a little bit of wonder into people’s lives. 

You can check out Cameo by clicking here, and to keep up to date with them follow the platform on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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