Nothing Intimidating about Shudder

Shudder Artwork

Shudder is a great little subscription service, featuring a variety of horror, thriller and suspense movies and shows. The curated and niche nature of the service means it’s ideal for horrorphiles, but within those genres they have titles covering a wide spectrum, so you can be guaranteed something that appeals to everyone, even people like me who are not usually a fan of the genre. 

If you are interested in checking it out you can take advantage of their 7 Day Free Trial, which you can cancel at any point without being charged. After the free trial is over, if you continue to use the service as I am confident you will, it’s either £4.99 per month if you would like to pay monthly, or £47.88 if you want to go with the annual membership (which is actually billed as £3.99 so it’s actually cheaper in the long run if you like Shudder). Shudder is available either on your desktop or mobile devices, with the Shudder App being available on Android and iOS respectively. 

As I mentioned above, the real benefit to Shudder is that it’s curated content from a specific genre(s), and while you can see horror movies on other streaming sites such as Netflix, Amazon Video or Hulu, they are picked to appeal to the widest common denominator whereas with Shudder there’s a real passion for horror at the very core of its platform. 

You can see content from horror darling, Elvira (the Mistress of Darkness) to horror classics like Hellraiser or The Hills HAve Eyes or The Boogeyman right on through to original content like Spiral (the advert for which made me decide to check out the platform in the first place) or DeadTectives. Whatever your pleasure I’m certain there’s something for you on Shudder. So this Halloween, why not pop on and enjoy some goosebump inducing content from thousands of available titles, including horror classics, and new, original content exclusive to the platform.

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