Single Review: Danielle Cohn – Various Tracks

Danielle Cohn - Various Tracks Artwork

Danielle Cohn is a Tik-Tok influencer and musical artist from Orlando, Florida. Who actually first gained prominence on the Tik-Tok precursor before making the transition when the app merged with ByteDance. She currently has 18.5 million followers on the platform, and 2.2 billion likes on her videos. I’ve seen videos from the artist pop up on my feed quite a lot so I figured why not review their music. So that’s what I’m doing today, below I’ll be reviewing some of their latest tracks available on Spotify.

Before Love Existed’ fades in with guitar and synthy notes that support Danielle’s voice perfectly, having never heard their music before I did research for this review I was surprised by this track. She has a strong voice, and the track flows really well, nice clear hook, great melody and it works really well. I also like that it’s not too busy, sure a lot happens in the track but it isn’t too much, there’s room to appreciate the individual elements of the song. 

Bailamos’ has a unique energy up top, an almost disconcerting melody that really generates vibes, and again you can hear the maturity and quality of Danielle’s voice. It doesn’t have as clear a hook off the bat as the previous track but I think I liked this one better, it just stuck in my head more after listening. And again it wasn’t too compact, or rushed, it was instead well paced and composed. 

Do it Better’ has a nice building energy, busier right off, more so than the previous two tracks, this one is a lot more drive and it shakes things up a little. And seemingly a hallmark of Danielle’s music, is that it’s catchy without being overly cheesy or simplistic. It’s just an honest track with a good beat and great vocals that you’ll remember after it’s over. 

Foolish’ has some acoustic guitars that have a really sincere rhythm to them, and again we see a depth and emotional resonance to Danielle’s voice. Obviously these songs are not necessarily meant to be listened to together, I just decided to review all her 2020 tracks together but between this and the previous three we really get a chance to hear the range and talent of the artist. 

Pretty Bitch Wave’ is Danielle’s most recent track on Spotify, she collaborates with another artist Lexi Drew. The track opens with piercing, synthy tones that create a building and unsettling vibe, the track has a lot of intensity to it, both artists deliver the rhymes hard and clearly, and it all flows really well. And again much like the other entries on this list, it’s quite catchy, it has a clear hook and a nice beat to it. I’ll admit, the music probably isn’t written for me or people like me but I can appreciate the quality of it and the clear talent of both performers.

So that’s what I thought of Danielle Cohen’s 2020 singles and you can check them out for yourself via the spotify links above. Make sure and support the artist by following on TikTok or on their social media accounts, Twitter and Instagram.

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