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Dropout.TV was launched in September 2018 is a subscription service created by CollegeHumor, as an offshoot of their YouTube channel, allowing them to create and share unique content and focus on content that might not be suited to YouTube. 

Part of the reason why the platform was created was because CollegeHumor was having an increasingly difficult time generating advertising dollars on their more mature content, so they wanted to make a service where they wouldn’t be beholden to advertising concerns and could focus on creating the content they wanted to create and the content their fans wanted to see. 

The platform is particularly relevant now as much like Cracked before them, CollegeHumor has suffered massive layoffs and so without the support of their fans, and the revenue from CollegeHumor’s Dropout TV subscription service Sam Reich, the current CEO of CHMedia, after the former parent company IAC (InterActiveCorp) dropped the company in January 2020 most likely would not have been able to keep the CollegeHumor alive in any form.

I wrote a little bit about CollegeHumor and the whole thing with IAC in my Top 10’s which you can check out here and here but returning to Dropout.TV for a moment, you can try before you buy with a 7 Day Free Trial, which you can cancel at any point within those seven days without being charged. After your free trial is over, you can either pay monthly at the very reasonable price of £3.80 per month (actually £4.56 after tax) or £36.58 annually (actually £43.90 after tax) and as well as that you can gift someone else a subscription varying from 1-12 months.

As I said above, Dropout.TV has saved CollegeHumor as a brand, and helped its hardworking and talented cast members and crew to keep working despite IAC essentially abandoning them. Sam Reich has the unenviable task of making the platform profitable while also competing with other streaming services and also the entrenched idea of ‘why pay for something, when you can get it for free’, either by pirating the content or watching it for free on their YouTube channel at a later date. Fortunately, they have an active and passionate fanbase, and within hours of the news that CollegeHumor was ‘cancelled’ the hashtag  #SaveCollegeHumor popped up and despite what I mentioned above, it seems that Dropout.TV has the potential to not only save CollegeHumor but also become profitable in its own right. 

So yeah, support the platform and all the amazing people behind it, don’t miss your chance to see a whole host of great content such as the Total Forgiveness, a show with Ally Beardsley and Grant O’Brien where they compete in various contest to clear their student loans, a show that’s both very real, and really entertaining. Um, Actually, a fun game show where you don’t just need to be right, you need to be specifically right. Game Changer, where every game is different and the only constant is hilarity, and Dimension 20 which can easily draw in Dungeons & Dragons fans the same way that The Adventure Zone, The Oxventure Guild or Critical Role did, on top of being hosted by everyone favourite C.E.O Brennan Lee Mulligan who plays the GM (Game Master) well. 

You can watch Dropout.TV content on desktop, or via your Android or iOS mobile devices and make sure to follow Dropout.TV on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for the latest updates.

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