EP Review: SkagHoors – The Four Play

SkagHoors - The Four Play Artwork

SkagHoors are a four piece, Ayrshire based, punk rock & roll outfit and today I will be reviewing their EP ‘The Four Play’ which was released on July 15th 2019. 

‘(No More) U.K. Bombs’ opens with a kid reciting a nursery rhyme before kicking off to an awesome high energy blend of guitar, percussion and bass. I was instantly caught up in it and to be honest has to listen to it a second time to really focus on anything more than what a banging tune it was. But on that second listen and the subsequent listens, I really liked the vocals, they fit well with the energy of the track and have an edge to them. I liked that it wasn’t all intense though, things slow down just a touch towards the end creating a nice balance to the track. 

‘Gender Vendor’ has a more classic opening, strong strings carrying us forward to another fantastic frenzy, that’s just exhilarating. I’m always looking for tracks that not only just get you moving but also just have raw passion woven through it and I’ve certainly found one here. I think this one has a light edge over the previous track but it’s extremely close as both have exactly what I’m looking for in a track. I think what knocked this one over other than a stronger hook in the chorus was a wee bit more vocals, which as I said above work really well with the track.

‘Where The Sun Don’t Shine’ is another high energy track, which gives off a strong Celtic punk vibe to it, the vocals on this track are even stronger on this one, and the message rings through clearly, not to say they haven’t in the previous tracks but they resonated with me most on this one. I think this one is probably my favourite on the EP, something about it will just stick in my memory for a while. 

‘Randy The Ripper’ is the most audibly different to the other offerings on the EP, it’s darker and harder, there’s less energy and drive to it upfront but it hits hard and is unforgiving. I also liked the vocal harmonies, they added a lot while managing to be simple overall. Speaking of overall, there is not a weak track on the EP, the previous entry is my favourite but each track is an absolute beast and I look forward to more from the band. 

So that’s what I thought of SkagHoors EP ‘The Four Play’ and if you want to check that out then head on over to Spotify. Make sure and follow the band on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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