Single Review: WOLFBERRY – Let’s Make Fire

WOLFBERRY - Let’s Make Fire Artwork

WOLFBERRY is rising out of the underground with her latest release ‘Let’s Make Fire’.

It is a track which takes hints from a variety of sources, and for me, I can hear a James Bond vibe from the moment it kicks off. Furthermore, it starts with a powerful opener which has soundtrack quality, especially with its rising power and the crashing sounds coming from the cymbals.

From the overture, WOLFBERRY leaps forward with delight. She sings with self-assurance, her confidence drips all over the mix. Moreover, her vocal is full of charisma with her hitting all the right notes from the moment she opens her cords. Also, she grows as the track progresses with her power blossoming in the chorus. 

Musically, ‘Let’s Make Fire’ takes on a new direction in pop. It comes with a myriad of sounds which makes it a unique song in its own right, but it also takes a hint from yesteryear. Also, the arrangement is unorthodox given that it regularly changes shape and we often get taken to a high place before being gently taken back down to earth with the music often slowing in pace. 

Energy flows effortlessly on this track. So much so, I found my hairs propelling forward on the back of my neck the first time I hit play. Also, the more I listen to it, the more I gravitate towards WOLFBERRY’S prowess with her performance giving me chills but for all the right reasons. 

So, is this the best track yet from WOLFBERRY? I would say so, yes. Although, I would enjoy it to delve more into a unique corner with it regularly resembling bond. But, if this is the intention, then it certainly works because if you were none the wiser, you would expect it to make it onto the upcoming Bond film. It’s just a shame, Billie Eilish got there first.

You can pre-save the track on one of several platforms by clicking here, and don’t forget to follow the artist on Facebook and Instagram.

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Jack Kirby is a music journalist with plenty of years of experience in music press under his sleeve.

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