Single Review: LZYBY – Frustration

LZYBY - Frustration Artwork

LZYBY is making a mark for himself in modern pop with his latest release ‘Frustration’.

A track which sings for the modern times, LZYBY grips us instantly with a quality which we do not hear all too often in the contemporary chart. Furthermore, LZYBY finds influence from the greats from yesteryear, but he blends it into an up to date formula, and the result is an omnipotent cocktail. 

For me, I can hear an 80s aura poking out from the mix. It mainly comes from the upfront bass line; it has an unconventional sound to it. Moreover, it boasts a tone which you will unlikely hear elsewhere in pop today, and it has a cheesy pop feel, but it works, and I relish the flavour. 

Vocally, LZYBY sings with a clear timbre. Furthermore, he has a conspicuous manner to his vocal approach, and his vocals could cut through the glass they are that piercing. However, I would enjoy more harmonies in places, especially to give his vocals more weight and more of a stereo effect in the mix. 

Musically, LZYBY hates to stick to the status quo, and he proves that here on ‘Frustration’. As a result, he delves into a unique corner of his own, and it is what makes him stand out so fresh. Also, I enjoy how the track keeps on giving as it progresses. So much so, new sounds often appear, and LZYBY prevents the work from becoming over repetitive by fusing new elements along the journey. 

Overall, ‘Frustration’ is just what we need right about now. It sings for the times we are living through, but it does not sound like anything you may come to expect.

You can listen to the track over on Spotify, and make sure and follow the artist on Facebook and Instagram.

About the Author

Jack Kirby is a music journalist with plenty of years of experience in music press under his sleeve.

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