Single Review: Lydia Singer – Lemme Know

Lydia Singer is back, and she sounds incredible on her latest release ‘Lemme Know’.

Fusing modern hooks with a nostalgic foundation, Lydia pushes through with bite. Her quality is on display, and she blossoms as the track plays out, leaving us itching to hit replay. 

‘Lemme Know’ starts with a tranquil opener with a simplistic setup. It gets underway in a style which is quite the opposite to the rest of the track. As a result, it leaves us guessing what is to come next, especially given that the theme regularly changes and it becomes more of a ballad piece as the track progresses.

Vocally, Lydia is a breath of fresh air. Moreover, she sings with clear diction, and her tone is inspiring. Yes, Lydia sounds similar to a lot of the greats in pop at the moment, but she also has a unique characteristic of her own which is compelling. Also, Lydia fuses various influences to make for a cocktail of all things fabulous!

Musically, ‘Lemme Know’ comes with heaps of excitement. Furthermore, sounds which we are yet to hear on this type of track appear and it gives the track a dynamical form which is difficult to criticize. Also, although the structure remains relatively conventional for the most part, it never gets dull and at no point does it sound like the repetitive pop which we are all too familiar within the popular chart. 

Towards the closing stages, we hear Lydia catapult even further forward with one of the most exquisite pop finales which I have listened to in recent times. Her confidence drips, and it is easy to reach out and touch the passion which she delivers.

Check out the track over on Spotify, and make sure to follow the artist over on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

About the Author

Jack Kirby is a music journalist with plenty of years of experience in music press under his sleeve.

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