Single Review: Da Poloman – Love At First Sight

Da Poloman - Love At First Sight Artwork

‘Love At First Sight’ is the latest release to come from New Jersey rapper, Da Poloman and popular vocalist Sara Alavi.

Instantly, I found the track emotional with its angelic piano opener. It pushes forward with comfort, and Sara greets the instrumental intro with a vocal performance which adds even more sentimental flavour. Furthermore, she picks us up and carries us onward before the arrival for Da Poloman.

Da Poloman converses with vigour. I relish how he leverages his low tone with him sounding deeper than a Barry White love song. His message is clear, and he resonates instantly with a message of respect. Furthermore, he has a strong admiration for a special one, and he does not take any captives with his upfront approach to stanza.

The leading hook comes from Sara Alavi, and she repeats the opening melody regularly. On paper, it would appear tremendously repetitive, but in action, it flows like running water. It is fresh, and it never becomes overused, which to me proves how powerful the melody line is. 

Musically, the track stays relatively soothing all the way. The piano arrangement often comes back out, and the beat keeps the pace steady. So much so, it never really hits a crescendo, but I doubt this track would have benefited from a colossal interval. After all, it is a love song, and the emotion comes from its tender quality. 

Overall, ‘Love At First Sight’ is one of the most delicate hip hop tracks to arrive in my inbox for quite some time. It comes with a new direction, and I enjoy how it makes me feel a profound sensation.

Check out the track now on Spotify, and follow the artist over on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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Jack Kirby is a music journalist with plenty of years of experience in music press under his sleeve.

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