Single Review: Lime Juice – Quietude

Lime Juice - Quietude Artwork

Lime Juice are back with their new track ‘Quietude’. They have a sound which reminds me of the greats of this genre, but yet they bring something new to the party too.

Taking us on a journey from the get-go, Lime Juice blend pop with good old indie rock. Kicking off is a gently strum guitar rhythm which bites sharply. A soft yet foot-tapping beat accompanies the foundation and gives the mix a cementing fundamental with its bold rhythmical quality.

We are then given a strong vocal performance with the band oozing with confidence. The group blend a mixture of sharp hooks with poignant melodies very well, and before long a slick guitar lead greets us, adding a new layer to their already bright sound. 

The vital component of this track is the eclectic range of instruments and sounds which are audible in the mix. It is what I relish most about new indie tracks like this one. As a result, it provides just about something for everybody, and it is hard not to find yourself gripping to it with its infectious catchiness. 

But, is it a prototype of this genre? Probably not, but there are a myriad of qualities which makes it stand out truly on its own. It has taken influence but yet not so much so that it sounds like a replica. Also, the group have set off on their adventure, and their sound is growing with each release captivating just that little bit more. 

For me, it is the band’s best track to date, and it is evident that they are going from strength to strength. Also, they are still relatively new on the scene; therefore, I bet that the best is still yet to come. 

Check out the track over on Spotify, and go ahead and follow the band on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

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Jack Kirby is a music journalist with plenty of years of experience in music press under his sleeve.

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