Single Review: Calboa – Admission

Calboa - Admission Artwork

‘Admission’ is the first track to come from Calboa in many months. It is a gem with indie flavour leaking from the mix, and its radiant force is making him stand out clearly. 

Hailing from the Yorkshire region, Calboa takes hits out of the Manchester songbook on this piece. I hear sounds popping out which remind me of modern north-west outfits, and he adds his own angle tremendously well. ‘Admission’ is the type of track which will take you on a trip. It kicks off with a thumpy rhythm, and its cheerful intro is quite the paradox of what is to come.

The intro and verse escorts us into a more reflective space with the chorus piercing with a sentiment. Calboa slows down the pace in the chorus, and his vocals become more elongated with a more personal quality. It is the hook which sets this track apart from the rest of the noise in the indie world. Also, it is unusual to hear a record which starts at an accelerated speed and then slows down in the leading hook, but it works, and it proves that anything is possible in music. 

As the track progresses, Calboa blossoms in his vocals. His vocals sound sweet in the early stages, but he delves deeper as it grows. He sings with integrity, and you can almost feel yourself sliding into his shoes as he sings his poetry. Nevertheless, I do believe that he has even more power to give vocally, and he often sounds as though he is holding back. But, his sound and confidence as a musician are growing at rapid speeds; therefore, I have no reason to doubt his future. Furthermore, he is onto something here, and if he keeps churning out hits like this one, we may just see him topping festival bills very soon.

You can check out the track over on YouTube, and don’t forget to follow the artist on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram or check out their website.

About the Author

Jack Kirby is a music journalist with plenty of years of experience in music press under his sleeve.

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