Single Review: Julia Thomsen – Beauty Inside And Out

Julia Thomsen - Beauty Inside And Out Artwork

Julia Thomsen returns with her latest composition ‘Beauty Inside And Out’ which is from the ‘Sea Energise’ collection. 

Here, we get to take a step back from the world around us and delve into a place where relaxation is the only focus. ‘Beauty Inside And Out’ is a tranquil release, and it reminds me of the lazy days I used to spend lying by the beach on sunny days. As a result, for me, it feels nostalgic with it taking me to a place where life breathes sweetly. Also, I believe this is one of the influences behind the track, given its gentle direction. 

Starting is a piano arrangement which could convert even the austerest of music fans into a classical enthusiast. It snaps with charm, and the beguiling method which Julia adopts is awe-inspiring. The piano lead we hear in the intro remains for the entirety of the piece, but it changes structure regularly, which is rousing. 

Overall, ‘Beauty Inside And Out’ is a treasure which many, including myself, cannot get enough of at the moment. However, it does stay relatively simple, and there is nothing too profound about the mix given that only two instruments are audible for most of the track. However, the oversimplified approach keeps us feeling relaxed, and I highly doubt it would give out the same aura if it had layers of instruments all competing for airtime. Also, I enjoy how it brings the feel-good energy which many of us need right about now, and it is just that little bit different for these late summer months.

You can check out this track over on Spotify, and while you’re at it you can follow the artist on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram or check out their website.

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Jack Kirby is a music journalist with plenty of years of experience in music press under his sleeve.

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