Single Review: Lana Rose – Various Tracks

Lana Rose - Various Tracks Artwork

Lana Rose is a Hip-Hop/Rap style musical artist from Dubai, Arab Emirates. They also have quite a substantial YouTube following. I hadn’t previously heard of them until they popped up in my Snapchat feed and I decided to review the tracks they currently have available on Spotify. 

‘Feel So Real’ opens with a building synthy backdrop that supports Lana’s voice, the light percussion, backed up by heavier bass notes all come together really well. The track itself is relatively slow paced, it feels heavy and emotional and it’s easy to just kinda get lost in. The fast delivered rap sections act as a nice counterpoint to the more melodic portions, and all together it works together to create a great introduction to the artist. 

‘Don’t Let Me Fall’ has a little more energy upfront than the previous track, the electronic beats are a little more jaunty and light, they are however still quite built up, which provides a strong instrumental backing to the track. I didn’t mention it much above but Lana has a strong voice, it’s rich and wonderful to listen to, you kind of just let it wash over you. 

‘Gucci Gucci’ opens with a pleasing sort of pounding note, that explodes into a tight rap section that shows a variety to Lana’s musical talent. It flows really well which you can’t always say for indie rap. While rap isn’t my favourite genre I really liked this one, it was fun and catchy, and surprisingly memorable, with a strong beat that carries through it really well.

‘Boss Up’ has a darker, heavier feel than the previous track, it’s as fast paced but just feels a little rougher and angrier. It works really well in my opinion, I loved the instrumental backing, it builds tension and suspense expertly, and again I have to applaud Lana for not only delivering the lines clearly and distinctly (not a huge fan of mumble rap) but also managing to do it with style and melody. I think this one is probably my favourite of the five tracks I’ve reviewed today, with ‘Don’t Let Me Fall’ being a close second. That being said there isn’t a weak entry on this list. 

‘Side Effects’ is the most recent track I’ve reviewed, and there’s a clear progression in skill, which is saying something since I felt even their early music was incredibly strong in composition and quality. This track opens slower, but with a build instrumental melody that leads right up to some sharp, powerful vocals. I said above all that ‘Boss Up’ is my favourite of the five I’ve reviewed today and that’s true but I think this one will stick with me for longer, is deep and memorable and just really works for me. 

So that’s what I thought of Lana Rose’s music, and if you want to check it out for yourself then head on over to Spotify. Also make sure and support the artist by following them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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