Single Review: Jameel Mason – Quarantine Mami

Jameel Mason - Quarantine Mami Artwork

Hip Hop fresher, Jameel Mason is back, and he pushes himself to a great height with his new release ‘Quarantine Mami’.

Teaming up with Alix Ford, Jameel smashes the nail firmly on the head with this delivery. He raps with charisma, and his message is conspicuous from the get-go. Starting is a melody sample which sits alongside a myriad of sounds. We then hear Alix jump out with “Stop being stupid, you need to ride off the energy and ride with the movement”. It is a brilliant opener because it instantly sets the tone. 

Jameel then rises to the top with a mesmerising rap. He puts his soul into his message, and he speaks about spending time with his lover during the quarantine period. He reminds me of Drake on this piece; he has a similar timbre vocally. However, he is not a replica. Furthermore, he stands on his own two feet, and his quality is challenging to scrutinise.

Alix Ford soon arrives to relay a message back at Jameel. She claims he is her ‘Quarantine Papi’. From this point, we instantly understand that the pair are madly in love with each (Well, whoever Jameel is directing the song at, anyway). The track follows a similar pattern as it plays out. I would enjoy a little more structural change here and there, even a bridge section with just the music could have been advantageous. 

Nevertheless, musically, ‘Quarantine Mami’ shines brightly with an upbeat texture. Also, the beat grips, and it is easy to sway into the corner of both Jameel and Alix. Additionally, lyrically, it is on point, and many, including myself, are already relating to the strong message. Therefore, it will not surprise me to see this track rise to the top.

You can check out Jameel’s track on Spotify now, and make sure and follow the artist on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram or visit their website.

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Jack Kirby is a music journalist with plenty of years of experience in music press under his sleeve.

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