Single Review: Near Death Experience – Moves

Near Death Experience - Moves Artwork

Near Death Experience are a band who have a fascinating sound. They reside in London but have been picking up velocity across several music scenes across the UK, and their fans are going wild for their latest hit ‘Moves’, I can see why because it is mighty. 

‘Moves’ is a story of appreciation towards a woman who is possibly too good to be true. ‘She Moves Me When The Sun Goes Down’ is the leading melody, and it instantly sketches the group’s message. They are not holding back with their piercing note jumping at us from the instant. ‘Ian Whiteling’ who fronts the group brings his power to the table with a vocal which rattles the speakers for all the right reasons. 

Musically, it is a hybrid. There is a blend of various genres. Also, they bring a funky and rocky style. It is a sound which many of us have been pining for, for quite some time. The drumbeat brings joy with its feel-good rhythm, and the guitar rhythm straps itself securely with a 70s style poking out from the mix. 

It takes on a new arrangement to their previous tracks, and it does not follow a predictable pattern like many tracks in this genre. Also, I enjoy how the band gives the music plenty of air to breath with instrumental sections appearing from time to time. The track has a relatively slow movement, but it does pick up speed towards the latter, and it stops and starts regularly leaving us clinging onto our chair and pleading for more. 

‘Moves’ is the follow-up single from Near Death Experiences’ last release ‘Conquer’ which we also reviewed and you can check that out here. It is the perfect second track of the year from the group, and you can listen to it here. Also be sure to follow the band on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram or visit their website.

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Jack Kirby is a music journalist with plenty of years of experience in music press under his sleeve.

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