Covid Days by Samhuinn Watt

Covid Days by Samhuinn Watt

You can check out a video of the author reading this poem over on the Unchained Media Scotland Facebook Page by clicking here

Covid days, six weeks in, or more? Maybe eight? I can‘t really tell anymore, Still staring at the same four blank walls, same ceiling, the same unswept floor. And the world that we‘ll have after, won‘t be the same world as before, As the things that we once took for granted slip quietly out of the door.

Time to stop and think about what we‘ve become, the world we all want to live in, Are we happy to be just consuming machines, destroying all we‘ve been given? See Mother Earth‘s lungs have started to heal and now I‘m really not sure, Maybe we are the virus and Covid19 is the cure.

We know that we can do better, remember we‘re part of a whole,
See Covid as an invitation to talk to Mother and refine our soul.
It soon will be time to make changes, create something new out of strife,
To stop narcissist loons with their lemming-like goons from reducing the share price of life.

But first off, we all have to keep the heid, together we have to stay strong,
Help carry each other through this, no matter the path may be long.
And look forward to when we can party, as if it were 2019,
Cause 2020‘s gone viral and I can‘t hug you from behind a screen.

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