Top 10: 10 Minute Power Hour Episodes

Top 10: 10 Minute Power Hour Episodes Artwork

So anyone who is a regular visitor to this blog will know that I am a fan of the Game Grumps, if you need further evidence of that then you can click here. But for those of you who do not know the Game Grumps are a let’s play channel hosted by Arin ‘Egoraptor’ Hanson and Dan Avidan aka Danny Sexbang. The channel has been running since July 2012, first with Arin and his former co-host Jon ‘Jontron’ Jafari, who then left the channel in June 2013 to be replaced by Dan who has held the role ever since, with Arin and Dan playing the roles of ‘Grump’ and ‘Not So Grump’ respectively. On April 3rd 2018 in an effort to diversify the channel’s content beyond Let’s play footage they started a series called ‘Ten Minute Power Hour’ which has the hosts, live on camera, performing a variety of eclectic tasks, to varying degrees of success. On July 29th 2019 they moved the ‘10 Minute Power Hour’ to a new channel called ‘The Grumps’ which focused more on live action comedy. 

Is by far my favourite 10 minute power hour, granted probably not the best to watch for a first episode because it’s centred around the loss of their dinosaurs, who make up a running joke on the show. But this episode is superb, personal highlight being Dan asking the dog in the office Spencer, what he knows.

2. Bootleg BEYBLADE Battle!
I was seriously worried they were gonna get hurt during this episode because those Beyblades are violent. But this is just a simple episode that works well because of the silliness and the chemistry between Arin and Dan.

3. Escaping a Room of Terrors (Special Episode!)
This actual escape room looks awesome for a start but what’s funniest other than all the stuff with Vernon is just the sheer unwillingness to follow a guide or clues, they just run around experiencing things like you would as a kid.

4. Piloting The Perfect Paper Airplane
I’ve said it before in relation to the Game Grumps but the best comedy comes from them just bouncing off each other, so even a video as on the face mundane as making a paper airplane is funny. Plus the bolster is with tongue in cheek scenes of office conflict that become a sort of running joke in other episodes.

5. WEIRD BOARD GAMES: Tic Tac Tongue + Yeti Set Go!!
I really want to play the Yeti game because it looks awesome, but anyways it’s nice watching them play these games, sure in my head I still think of Arin first and foremost as a voice actor or animator or Let’s player and Dan as a musician or Let’s player so that’s the kind of content I’ve come to expect from them but more and more I’m liking these live action pieces such as the 10 Minute Power Hours. If you’re the same then check out the new channel, The Grumps which has them explore more live action stuff, in fact all new 10 minute power hours will be uploaded there from now on.

6. No Thumbs, No Problem (ft. Jacksepticeye)
Has Dan talking about his crazy big thumbs, Jacksepticeye hanging out with the lads and just overall crazy challenges that challenge them on. A strong episode and a fun little group game, side not to that, the Grumps could and should totally get big bucks advertising money by playing all these random games.

7. The Game of Smells
Another fun group game, and this one really does get the whole cast involved. Especially since of the only normal game of smells are Arins smelly toots…little bit of applied knowledge from past episodes there. Anyway, I liked this one a lot because it isn’t just content, I really just feels like friends having fun.

8. Dare Jenga
Another game that seems really fun to play, and it has Arin and Dan bickering like an old married couple. While I maintain the best part of Game Grumps is the chemistry between Arin and Dan, its works whether they are just chilling and chatting or bickering as mentioned above.

9. We swap our HAIR!
This episode started a trilogy of episodes where they have strange hair, confusing if you didn’t watch this one, but cool nonetheless. I actually really liked Dan’s hair in this one, Arin’s also looked nice but didn’t suit him. It also shows Arin’s loyalty for lack of a better word as he had been seeing his hairdresser for years now, which is really nice.

10. Seen on TV!
I always love as seen on TV ads they end up being funny in spite of themselves and the Grumps trying these products didn’t fail to live up to that expectation.

Honourable mentions go to BLIND Portrait Drawing, PLAYDOH Facial Reconstruction and We Try The HOTTEST Weight Loss Products! which I also really enjoyed but didn’t quite make the top 10 list.

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