Single Review: Tali Shear – Fool

Talia Shear - Fool album Artwork

Tali Shear is back better than ever before with ‘Fool’. It is a confident track with the artist opening up in upmost honesty as she explains her experience with a previous lover.

Opening up the track is a meaningful and robust piano lead. It sounds similar to the type of piano sound we hear on Adele tracks of recent times. But, it has a unique tone, and it often delves more into the warmer side with durable qualities.

Vocally, Tali gets the show on the road in trendy style. She sings with a contemporary approach while also adding her own ingredient to the pudding. It is not often we hear this type of quality from an artist who is still very much at the beginning of her career. As a result, she shines like an artist with heaps more experience under their belt. So much so, that is hard to fathom that she only started on her journey such a short time ago.

The track gets bolder and more profound towards the latter. For me though the beat takes just a little too long to arrive. I feel it would have been better to have brought it into the mixture earlier because it then adds more oomph instantly. But, I get the approach taken. After all, its purpose is to invoke emotion, and it does that well with the simplistic opening sections.

Overall, it is a track which twists and turns and plucks at the heartstrings. The vibe it has stays true throughout and the vocal hooks instantly. Also, the melody which greets us is infectious, and it echoes around way after it concludes.

So you can check out ‘Fool’ by Tali Shear on Spotify, and you can keep up to date with her by following her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


About the Author

Jack Kirby is a music journalist with plenty of years of experience in music press under his sleeve.


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