Food Review: Reign Energy Drink (Various Flavours)

Reign Energy Drinks (various Flavours)

Reign Energy Drink is an Energy Drink released in 2019 by Monster Beverage Corporation, which has 13 flavours. I will be reviewing a few of them below. Reign is also noted for having a relatively high caffeine content which as a both a writer and a student is very important to me.

Reign Energy Drink - Razzle BerryRazzle Berry
This has a smooth and sweet flavour which manages to not be sickening in that artificial way that some soft drinks are. It has a heavier note that becomes more pronounced after the initial sweetness hits and balances out the overall flavour. It becomes more enjoyable as you drink, but also manages not to be cloying either. It’s better chilled but regardless the strong and distinct taste is anything but generic.

Reign Energy Drink - Lemon HDZLemon HDZ
Not only is this like super refreshing but it also has a wonderful fizz to it, kind of like if you ate all the powder from a fun dip (also known as a Lik-M-Aid) and then washed it down with a nice fizzy lemonade. Now I will admit that doesn’t sound like the most appealing comparison but it’s surprisingly accurate and it’s also complimentary, because it works really well. It’s sweeter than Razzle Berry, but is also light and easy on the palate. So far it’s my favourite, and balances the flavour with a nice caffeine buzz really well.

Reign Energy Drink - Melon ManiaMelon Mania
So this was just delicious, you can really taste the melon, it’s not just a subtle hint like with some other melon flavoured products, where it really seemed like the makers just looked at a melon rather than tried to make something taste like one. So yeah, it has quite a punch of flavour to it, and while off the bat it’s not quite as refreshing as Lemon HDZ it’s moreish and very pleasing to drink. it’s probably the one that hits the sweetest on the palate but something about the smoothness of the melon flavour cuts through that and prevents it from being cloying or too sweet.

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