Single Review: Danny Smart – She’s Mine

Danny Smart - She’s Mine

I relish this sort of song. I have an eager taste for the new country and by heck does Danny Smart deliver with ‘She’s Mine’.

Fresh off the back of carrying out regular social media gigs through lockdown, Danny Smart drops off the goods. I received the track from his music publicist, and I have been enjoying the sound ever since. In my reviews, I try not to blow the trumpet of the artist too much. But at the same time, credit needs to go where it’s due.

I love the feel of the release. It is upbeat and hugely energetic, which I am sure we all need right now due to lockdown. Also, when I first heard it, I thought the singer was from the US. He has that sound which you rarely hear from upcoming brits. I like that a lot. He has found his style and stuck with it regardless of coming a million miles from Nashville. 

Based in South Yorkshire, Danny boasts an infectious and robust charm. It is not just his unapologetic strong vocal, but musically it is on point too. His music has a groove to it which many will find delightful. It gets going with his acoustic guitar strumming away. The songwriter then gives us a beat which suits the track perfectly, and it pulls you in even more, if not already close to the speaker. 

The chorus is the sweet spot as you would expect with a track like this. As a result, it got stuck in my head for hours after the first play. The song is relatively short in length though, which is surprising as it feels like Danny has so much more to give in the release. Nevertheless, it works, and I am sticking it high in my fresh personal playlist. You can listen to ‘She’s Mine’ by clicking here.

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About the Author

Jack Kirby is a music journalist with plenty of years of experience in music press under his sleeve.



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