Single Review – Abel Razal – Project 9 (feat. M.A Teuwen)

Abel Razal - Project 9 (feat. M.A Teuwen)

It was only last week when I received this new track from Abel Razal. I have been sitting on it now for over a week because at first, it did not hugely jump out at me. But having listened to it on several occasions, I have to say that it is a considerable grower genuinely. As a result, I am now finding myself humming away to it well after listening. Also, I keep coming back to it time and again.

What does this mean? Well, for me, it means that it is a top quality release. I have always found that it takes me a few listens to get onto an artists wavelength and it follows suit here with ‘Project 9’. I also have been trying to pinpoint what it reminds me of, musically. I cannot precisely pin it down to a particular artist, but it has an early 2000’s soul vibe to it, which I believe works very well.

Also, even with bringing the yesteryear feel good, it has a contemporary sound to it too which makes it relevant and a bright spark in the modern industry. Therefore, I am not for one minute surprised to witness the incredible response it is getting online. It is a track which starts with the vocals. It has no opening transition, which is unique in itself. But, it is valid, and with vocals as good as M.A Teuwen, I would have gone for the same decision too had I been producing it. 

Musically, it is exciting. The beat is relatively straight forward but has a sound which I do not hear all that often. The snare has a kind of distinct music which sticks out, but for the right reasons. Also, it has a cool synth playing out in the background, and the bass has a funk feel which will get you shaking your hips in no time. You can check out the track by clicking here

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