2020 Vision by Victoria Sullivan

2020 Vision by Victoria Sullivan

You can check out a video of the author reading this poem over on the Unchained Media Scotland Facebook Page by clicking here

It’s become so clear, with striking
endless cloudless skies
Vivid colours, brilliant hues
Are dazzling our eyes

It’s become so clear, with sunshine
Brightening up our weary days
That the world has come alive again
Without the smog and haze

It’s become so very clear
So lucid, sharp and bright
Why can’t the day stay all the time
And hide away the night?

It’s all become too clear now
with this 2020 vision
That the beauty that has been reclaimed
Is met with rich derision

It’s become so clear, our yearnings
For fine things were far too strong
We’ve realised we don’t need so much
We’ve all got life so wrong

What’s become so very clear, is
Nations’ leaders craving power
Devaluing our human lives
So economies don’t sour

It’s become apparent
Some have no humility
Suggesting sacrificing loved ones
To herd immunity

It’s clear we’re in unthinkable times
With death tolls climbing high
Clinicians forced to make decisions
Over which patients live or die

In this day of modern greed
When everyone has plenty
None of this became quite so clear
Til the year 2020


About the Author

I was born in Dundee but emigrated to South Africa in my childhood. I’d have to say my upbringing there had a lot of input into my views on how inequalities need to be set right now. I always had a passion for writing but never did anything about it until I did an Open University degree (while working and being a single parent). I wrote a lot of poetry at that time as well as some short stories and plays. A few poems were featured in anthologies and I had some success in a local competition with another. My poems were fuelled by sadness or hurt and when life got happier and I met someone and got married the need to write kind of hibernated. Until COVID came along. I work for the NHS, I am part of my health board’s headquarters in the Chief executive’s department and had the both frightening and fascinating privilege of being privy to all the decisions being made and ways the board was handling the insane situation we found ourselves in. So I wrote, and wrote and wrote. I’ve now written 7 lockdown poems (plus another one written tonight). These led to a few more commissioned poems for funerals, businesses and family. It’s been a tough time and I feel pretty emotional much of the time so it was a good way to vent that. I’m amazed with how well they’ve done and very pleased people find them as touching as I do when I write them.


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