Single Review: No Serial Killer – We’re All Going 2 Die

No Serial Killer - We're All Going 2 Die

No Serial Killer are as fresh as they come. They are only just making their way into the scene, but yet their debut album is one which is causing a stir for all the right reasons.

Within the 30 track album is a song called ‘We’re All Going 2 Die’. It is a real thumper and one which gripped me in its palm quicker than I could have expected. It starts with a killer intro with a tight rhythm structure and a piano lead reminiscent of the 70s era. It makes for a great opener and instantly gets the theme underway.

We are then with a relatively stable vocal performance, and although it is not clear to find out who sang it, they do a great job. The vocalist sings with a very traditional style, and they sound almost like they have just come out of singing boot camp. Following a reasonably orthodox manner, the vocals resonate well, and although they lack rawness which the track could have warranted, they do the job well. 

The chorus is where the hook lands. It is the standout part of the track which I doubt will surprise anyone. The chorus comes with an omnipotent vibe which is hard not to relish and also the catchy and infectious syntax within the lyrics makes you itch for another listen. Musically, the band is exciting. Also, the group do not stick to the norm either which is great to hear. As a result, you do not know what is going to come next, and the guitar lead which accompanies the instrumental is sharp and enlightening. For me, it is possibly one of the best guitar leads I have heard in recent times, so hats off to the group for that. 

Overall, it is a track which is making its mark firmly in the industry, and one which I am sure will be sticking around for quite some time. You can listen to ‘We’re All Going 2 Die’ on the bands official Bandcamp page here.

You can also follow the band on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


About the Author

Jack Kirby is a music journalist with plenty of years of experience in music press under his sleeve.



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