Single Review: Meg Lawrenson – Use My Body

Meg Lawrenson - Use My Body

‘Use My Body’ is the latest single from Meg Lawrenson. She is taking the pop scene by storm, and it is clear to see why. 

She has a pop edge which makes her stand out. She does not boast the cheesy pop which we hear all too often these days, and that is what makes her such an inspiring female vocalist. Meg sings with composure, and her songs tell a story with this one outlining her love life. 

Her latest track starts with a big intro. It has an indie-rock feel to it, and it is hard not to relish the charisma and confidence within its foundation. One thing which stands out to me is the sharp guitar lead which gets the show on the road, it comes bigger and bolder than any of her other tracks and makes for an exciting get-go. 

Meg then greets us with open arms. She sings with passion, and her diction and articulation are awe-inspiring. Also, she has a knack for getting her point across in flying fashion. It is also possibly a dig at a loved one, who came and went quicker than expected. Whoever, that person is, I am sure they will be sitting in a sincere regret, especially having seen the profound success which Meg is receiving in recent times. 

Overall, the track follows a pop and indie structure which does not come as a massive shake to the system. It could be said it is relatively generic, but yet there are elements and inclusions which do surprise. Meg lifts and drops the power in places and its transition between soft and hard works well. You can listen to ‘Use My Body’ by Meg Lawrenson by clicking here.

Also you can keep up to date with the British singer via their website, or on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


About the Author

Jack Kirby is a music journalist with plenty of years of experience in music press under his sleeve.



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