Single Review: Complex – Where We Came From

Complex - Where We Came From

Complex is the UK hip hop gem which is sending shockwaves across the scene. He is bright, charismatic and inspires with each release.

His latest track ‘Where We Came From’ is a covenant to his character. He speaks clearly about his past, and it makes for an honest listen. His emotion is dripping all over the piece, and it is hard not to get onto his wavelength. For me, I almost felt like I knew the singer. He speaks about a time which I know very well, and I could relate to pretty much every word he addresses. In itself, that proves his testament to resonate well with the audience and if rappers like Complex leverage this, they can soar up the charts relatively quickly. 

‘Where We Came From’ starts in a reasonably chill manner. Also, although there is nothing too out of the ordinary in the intro, it does stand out. It boasts a pretty angelic sample and a toned-down drum beat which leads us into the story very well. It adds to the poignant factor, which this track is all about and sets the theme instantly. Complex then gets underway with a sublime vocal performance. At this point, I thought Complex was going to sing in an orthodox style throughout the entire track, but the artist surprises by dropping a cleverly delivered rap. He drops bars like it is going out of fashion, easing through his words with lots of strong diction.

What I love most about ‘Where We Came From’ is the chorus. As a result, it was hard not to find myself humming it way after clicking play. It lodges itself deep, and if like me, you will be coming back to the track time and again. You can check out ‘Where We Came From’ by Complex by clicking here

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