EP Review: Come at the King – Crazy Ugly Beautiful

Come at the King - Crazy Ugly Beautiful

Come at the King are a London based, three piece rock and roll outfit and today I will be reviewing their debut EP ‘Crazy Ugly Beautiful’ which was released on the 16th November 2019. 

‘Crazy Ugly Beautiful’ opens with a truly fantastic guitar opening that builds and warps just enough, as the percussion opens, both building on each other smoothly, before the percussion fades to be replaced by the vocals. They add a different quality, slightly subdued against the harder guitar, but they work really well. I actually liked the distinct counterpoint, where the heavier percussion drops off as the vocals kick in, it creates a distinct balance and structure to the track, that being said I did notice they snuck a little light drum work into the vocal sections, building on it as they sought to merge the track. Overall a fantastic track, easily worth being the title track on what is shaping up to be a great EP. 

‘Frauds’ instantly has a different feel to the previous track, firstly, more obvious and traditional percussion, this time round the guitars are a little more subdued, still good though. The vocals have a little more prominence in this track and while this feels a little slower compared to the first track, it’s got a really good beat to it, that keeps your attention, and of course it picks up a little as the track continues. 

‘Hanging On’ has a higher energy of the bat than the previous track, the guitar opening, backed up by a consistent percussive charge works perfectly, this one claims my personal favourite on the EP because it just has such a pronounced energy to it. It’s also the one that I remembered most once I’d finished listening, the one I found myself singing to myself. It’s hard to define exactly what sets this one apart, all I can say is that in an EP without a weak track, this one is by far my favourite. 

‘Praise You’ is slower again, bringing a sense of balance to the EP as a whole, lighter guitar and percussion, and a very different overall vocal style, it doesn’t sound as much like the band as the other tracks. That being said, this is of course a cover of a track of the same name by Fatboy Slim, and they do an admirable cover, I won’t say it’s better or worse than the original but it’s an enjoyable cover that captures the spirit and feel of the original while still managing to inject something of themselves into it. 

So that’s what I thought of Come at the King’s EP ‘Crazy Ugly Beautiful’ and if you want to check that out for yourself then head on over to Spotify. Make sure and also support the band by following them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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