Single Review: MarQuee – Rewind (Prod. ISAAC Beats x Beatz Ape-Rossi)

MarQuee - Rewind (Prod. ISAAC Beats x Beatz Ape-Rossi)

MarQuee is a 19 year old artist from New York and today I’ll be reviewing his single Rewind (Prod. ISAAC Beats x Beatz Ape-Rossi). 

‘Rewind’ has an offbeat, electronic intro, with the artist vocalising over it, before things really kick in, this song has just the best energy, it’s not too fast, but allows him to just rattle through some really tight verses at the same time. I listened to this about a dozen times before I reviewed it and I came away with two thoughts, firstly I can’t wait to hear more from the artist, but also that this song will join the ever growing list of tracks that are catchy and/or memorable enough that they’ll be running through my head for weeks or even months afterwards. 

So that’s what I thought of MarQuee’s single ‘Rewind’ and if you want to check that out for yourself then head on over to YouTube. Also make sure to show support for the artist by following them on Facebook.


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