Poem #6 by Lorenzo Dozier

Poem #6 by Lorenzo Dozier

Is this really the land of opportunities
or has the government created a system
to tear down our communities?
Every day someone fears to go outside,
takes a bullet to the brain
And then you die
from the second we are born
The world taught us how to self-hate
Ever think of a reason why the
system continues to discriminate?
Don’t be ashamed of the color of your skin,
For we must embrace our beauty
And love from within
The system is corrupted
There is no denying that
Just remember, you are different
There are other ways to fight back
Be who you’re meant to be
Love your shades, It’s part of your identity.




About the Author

Lorenzo Dozier is a novelist, poet and social media personality. He uses the theme of growth in his stories. Growing up in Brooklyn, NY, he persevered through obstacles and managed to live life to the best of his ability.

His journey as a writer started in 2004. Where he dedicated his time to creating a world circling around character development, growth. Lorenzo is a graduate from St. Francis College. He holds a Bachelors in English and Mass Communication. Class of 2013.


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