Single Review: Near Death Experience – Conquer

NDX - Conquer

Near Death Experience (also known as NDX) are catapulting their way to the mainstage with their new track ‘Conquer’. The rock gods inspire it and the sounds we have heard many decades before make the final grade here.

It is a compelling track with plenty of horsepower, and there is enough to go around for everyone. It has a rocky intro with a guitar lead which will get you tapping your heel in little time. We are then met with a sublime vocal from frontman Ian who delights with his cultivating singing endowment. He speaks about a woman who has it all, she is a woman who charms wherever she goes, and although there is no clear indication to who it is, I am positive it is someone close to the singer’s heart. 

Musically, it is enough to get you hooked on the band. NDX produces a sound which is sophisticated yet youthful in its offering. Although they parade a dad rock type of vibe which your papa will most likely dance around the room to, they bring plenty of likeabilities too for the young ones. As a result, it is terrific to hear indie rock sound so radical yet also take influence from some of the greats in this class.

Overall, it is a very vigorous track. Its infectious melody and hard-hitting instrumental thumps. Also, the unconventional and groovy rhythm adds a taste which I was not expecting. I do, however, think though that the guitarist fiddles around with his effects board perhaps a little too much. Although not habitually a bad thing, it can add a bit too much shift within the sound. But the wah-wah does articulate good vibes so hats off to the guitarist for that addition. Vocally, I always have the mantra, the grittier, the better, nobody wants a polished vocal and this vocal and track overall ticks the right boxes for me. Listen to ‘Conquer by NDX by clicking here.

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Jack Kirby is a music journalist with plenty of years of experience in music press under his sleeve.

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