Single Review: LaKyoto – Wannabe

LaKyoto - Wannabe

LaKyoto are a four piece alt/pop group based in Edinburgh and today I’ll be reviewing their single ‘Wannabe’, and I just want to say that the band actually sent me this back in September on Twitter and for some reason I just plain missed it but when I was looking back through old messages I noticed my mistake and decided, albeit a bit late that I’d review it. 

‘Wannabe’ opens with an electronic beat that starts strong and fades out slowly, merging with the vocals which are fantastic. I like the energy of this track, it’s busy and has a lot of individual elements that can be picked up easily but aren’t disjointed, instead they blend together impressively to create something that’s complex without sounding cluttering. Honestly based just on this song alone I’m sad this is the first time I’ve heard the band, and I’ll make sure to rectify that in the future. I really liked the balance of the vocals, the higher notes and the lower working together, the harmonies, all of them are just brilliant. 

So that’s what I thought of ‘Wannabe’ by LaKyoto and If you want to check that out for yourself then head on over to Spotify. Make sure and support the band by following them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram


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