Impermanence by David McGowran

Impermanence by David McGowran

You can check out a video of the author reading this poem over on the Unchained Media Scotland Facebook Page by clicking here.

The river wends its watery way through the path of least resistance,
It knows there is only one way doon the force of gravity dictates this
It cuts a channel oot tae sea one near constant with the transient,
A reminder of impermanence what is now and what is absent

Once stood a two tier mound here at the confluence of ancients,
Kings and priests walked this processional path now it’s just benefit claimants
Govan was the cradle where great Picts and Galgaelic Warriors had bided,
On this ground holy men and artisans made this place sacred

History doesn’t quite repeat but it definetly rhymes,
We’ve been walking doon this path for a very long time
Forces of another kind with intention to resculpt,
Have changed the way we look at things and they’d gied us a new cult

But that cult’s died a sudden death a victim of the virus,
It was a cult of addiction and offered little to inspire us
Noo it’s time to redesign a mindscape of our making,
Coz a place is whit ye make it and Govan is reawakening.

About the Author

I am a self taught cameraman and video editor and creator of Unchained Media Scotland.  The model being a concept that I developed whilst involved in other alternative media.  Quite simply we are not for profit and keep our funds healthy by providing video production services to other not for profit organisations.   Poetry for me is something that I have always thought about doing but could never seem to do but the lockdown gave me a whole load of free time and space which I decided to embrace.  Our lives are all changing and this is a lot to process.  Writing poetry allowed me to deal with my feelings in a healthy manner and leading by example encouraged others in the team to follow.

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