Single Review: MaybeAlexandria – Various Tracks

MaybeAlexandria - Various Tracks

MaybeAlexandria is an American singer/songwriter and musician, who I initially found via Instagram because a page posted her cover of Someone You Loved by Lewis Capaldi, I liked her voice and so decided to review some of her music, you can find below my reviews of her three original songs, and one of her covers. 

HOME’ opens with light and yet almost jaunty piano, that has a nice play and pause effect, it works really well in the background against MaybeAlexandria’s voice, which is just beautiful. I like that the instrumental backing has an almost offbeat quality to it, it creates a nice undertone to the whole track. I mentioned above that I liked MaybeAlexandria’s voice, it’s especially powerful during high notes, when she pushes it just a little, the effect is something truly amazing. 

You Don’t Care’ has a nice ukulele opening, and this melody, the beat works perfectly with MaybeAlexandria’s voice, strangely enough even though I always connect the instrument with lightheartedness and easy-going tunes, it works well with the melancholic vibe of the song. Equally her voice really shines, some people can really shine in a sadder song, and this is proven true here. I listened to this a few times while actually doing the review and it’s kinda stuck in my head, only a truly powerful song sticks with me like that and that’s about the highest compliment I can give an artist. I think my personal highlight of the song was the breakdown at the end, faster and vocally different in delivery from the rest of the song, and it really works to close out this track. 

Let Go’ is very different to the previous true, a heavier, ambient instrumental opening, something about the chords reminded me of ‘Don’t Look Back in Anger’ by Oasis, that might just be me though. The similarity stops there though and it breaks into a song that’s equally as impressive as the two previous entries by the artist. I think out of the three tracks, although obviously I’m aware as three individual tracks they don’t need to line-up together, this one gives the artist the chance to shine the most, not sure what it is, perhaps the simpler backing but it allows her to just give it a little more. 

Someone You Loved (Lewis Capaldi Cover)’ is my jam right now, I have been obsessed with this song so that’s probably why this cover showed up in my Instagram feed and despite my enormous appreciation for the original this was a really good cover. MaybeAlexandria has a gentle, and yet powerful voice that really works with this track, considering the quality I can’t believe the video doesn’t have more views because the whole performance is just fantastic, particularly the high notes towards the end where the artist just throws herself fully into the song. 

So that’s what I thought of MaybeAlexandria’s original songs, and her cover, the links to each are above and I strongly urge you to check them out, for more why not visit her YouTube channel. Lastly, support the artist by following them on Instagram


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