Single Review: Caleb Hyles – My Immortal (Evanescence Cover) 

Caleb Hyles - My Immortal (Evanescence Cover) 

Caleb Hyles is a musician, filmmaker and YouTuber from Alabama and this isn’t the first time I’ve reviewed the artist, you can check out another review here. Today I am reviewing his cover of My Immortal by Evanescence (ft. RichaadEb).

‘My Immortal (Evanescence Cover)’ is another song that’s not only a great cover of the original but improves upon it in some ways. This song was one of the soundtracks to my sad emo teens and somehow Caleb adds an extra level of intensity to a track that was already poignant and emotional heavy. There’s a part where the polish comes off his voice just a little, where he lets go and just sings and it was so powerful that not only did it catch me so off guard but also had me listen to the track about another dozen times that day and not once did my awe for his voice and talent diminish. 

So that’s what I thought of Caleb Hyles’s cover of ‘My Immortal (by Evanescence)’ and if you want to check that out you can head on over to YouTube. Please consider supporting Caleb on Patreon so he can continue to make content. You should also check out his website, and you can keep up to date with Caleb by following him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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