Single Review: Kieran Robinson – Various Tracks

Kieran Robinson - Various Tracks

Kieran Robinson is a singer/songwriter and musician based in Kilmarnock and today I’ll be reviewing some of the tracks on his soundcloud, check that out below. 

The poet’ opens with a nice country/folk inspired melody, slow and gently lilting, soft and soothing. For the first track I’ve heard by the artist I instantly connected with it and look forward to hearing more. I love Kieran’s voice, he has this raw and powerful quality that suits the style of this first track to a tee. 

Coming up’ has a more classic rocky vibe to it, slighter harder guitars, still mellow and still acoustic if I’m not mistaken but a very different everall result. And despite feeling that the folk vibe is uniquely suited to his voice he manages to pull off an equally impressive performance for this track. I liked that this one had a little more energy to it, and although I’m aware that as individual singles they shouldn’t be judged as a whole, they work well together. 

Chrome wheel trim’ builds even more, this one has much more live performance feel about it. I really like the percussion, and how it helps to build but almost so subtly as for you not to notice, and the way it almost gives way to the more frenzied guitars was perfect. I liked how busy this track was, especially again compared to the other two, it’s like a progression in speed and style between each track that really shows what Kieran’s got musically. I also think that as a largely instrumental piece it really works. 

So that’s what I thought of Kieran Robinson’s singles and I’d you want to check them out then you can via the links above. 


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