Poem #4 by Lorenzo Dozier

Poem #4 by Lorenzo Dozier

Welcome to the land of
The same country used to
Kill both you and me.
Do you still believe
this place was built on
Democracy or prefer the

Lies you were told and live
In hypocrisy?
We spew hate, race wars
Cause riots, start violence
It’s easy being bad and a
choice to be defiant.
The world doesn’t want to
We choose not to listen
To others nor do we
For a place built on lies
People don’t want to wake
Up until someone dies.
Why else are we given
Distractions? To keep to
Ourselves busy, instead of
Taking actions.
The further away society
Drifts from the truth, the
More hate is created and
That is what we show our




About the Author

Lorenzo Dozier is a novelist, poet and social media personality. He uses the theme of growth in his stories. Growing up in Brooklyn, NY, he persevered through obstacles and managed to live life to the best of his ability.

His journey as a writer started in 2004. Where he dedicated his time to creating a world circling around character development, growth. Lorenzo is a graduate from St. Francis College. He holds a Bachelors in English and Mass Communication. Class of 2013.


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