5G by David McGowran

5G by David McGowran

You can check out a video of the author reading this poem over on the Unchained Media Scotland Facebook Page by clicking here.

What are the chances it’s fae a 5G tower?
1 ower 4 tae the 24th power
UHF radio, WIFI and Bluetooth,
Plenty of stories but what is the truth?

In a previous job my role was to see,
The best and the worst of stuff like 5G
I read lots of brochures from the European Commission,
There were many concerns about the urban condition

You see 5G is low power and cannae get through leaves,
Making it hard to get signal around trees
It doesnae go through walls or round corners very well,
It’s a bit too directional and needs multiple cells

Now in a radio wave only 2 qualities reside,
Frequency and amplitude and nothing else beside
We’ve got this already it’s nothing from sci-fi,
It’s in yer living room, it’s yer router for WIFI


About the Author

I am a self taught cameraman and video editor and creator of Unchained Media Scotland.  The model being a concept that I developed whilst involved in other alternative media.  Quite simply we are not for profit and keep our funds healthy by providing video production services to other not for profit organisations.   Poetry for me is something that I have always thought about doing but could never seem to do but the lockdown gave me a whole load of free time and space which I decided to embrace.  Our lives are all changing and this is a lot to process.  Writing poetry allowed me to deal with my feelings in a healthy manner and leading by example encouraged others in the team to follow.  We’ve had a great response and the climax could well be having our recitals played on local FM radio; SunnyG.



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