Food Review: Purdey’s Natural Energy – Rejuvenate and Edge

Purdeys Products

*This review was original posted on 05/12/2019 and updated on 14/06/2020 to include product information/expand upon the original review.

As a self-described energy drink connoisseur I’ve made it my mission to try as many of them as possible, caffeine filled or not, all that matters is that it’s unique. tastes good and provides you with stimulation for your mind and body. You can check out some of my previous reviews here, here, here, here, here and here.

Purdey's Natural EnergyAnyway, I recently tried discovered Purdey’s, who are a popular line of soft drinks that are made by Orchid Drinks Ltd (who are owned by Britvic). Purdey’s is sold across the UK, the Republic of Ireland, Australia, the Netherlands and Belgium. All of the line of drinks in the Purdey’s range are made of fruit juices and sparkling spring water and botanical extracts, and fortified with vitamins.

Purdeys RejuvenatePurdey’s – Rejuvenate
It has a complex and almost bitter taste, not anything I would describe as unpleasant, but certainly something that’s sharper on the palate. It’s actually really refreshing, and is certainly a part of the appeal of the product. The grape and apple mix comes across but it doesn’t taste like just another fruit juice.

Purdeys EdgePurdey’s – Edge
Edge takes the flavour of Rejuvenate and blends in a smooth, rich berry flavour. It adds some sweetness to the mix, curbing the somewhat tart flavour of the other drink but without robbing the drink of the little jolt you get from the more pronounced sharpness, which is frankly just as invigorating as if the drink was loaded with the caffeine. Both are interesting, but this one defintely has the ‘edge’ in flavour.


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