EP Review: Arden Cho – My True Happy

Arden Cho - My True Happy

Arden Cho is probably more well known for her acting career than her music, but as those of you who read my review of her single ‘I’m Just a Girl’ will be aware, that’s a real shame because the former Teen Wolf actress has some real talent. Speaking of which if you haven’t alrady you can check out that review here. Anyway, today I will be reviewing her debut EP which was released January 22nd 2013.

‘My True Happy’ opens with a lovely acoustic guitar that merges with percussion just in time to meet up with Ardens vocals. This track is one of those songs where fundamentally it’s a slow song but it has its own energy and weight and it kicks off the EP on a strong note, pardon the pun. It’s also impressive how different Arden’s voice is from her first single, it’s stronger, more assertive and it really works for this track. 

‘Better Off’ opens with a tight bass line and a building energy that’s backed up by Arden’s voice, she fills it with fire and confrontation, it really works for me. It’s a strong song, faster than the previous entry, and builds on it, showing more of Arden’s vocal talents, and it’s catchy, something you remember in the back of your head for weeks afterwards. 

‘Over You’ lies somewhere between the first and second in regards to tempo, faster than the first, slower than the second. A strong string opening, that blends beautifully with her voice. Easily one of the strongest on the EP, usually in these reviews I focus on the vocals but the guitar in this was tremendous. I mentioned that ‘Better Off’ was likely to stick with me, well I know for sure this one will cause I’ve found myself singing it randomly over the past couple of days, although obviously I’m nothing on the original. But seriously it’s such a powerful and striking song, and so early on in the review, it really raises my expectations for the rest of the EP. 

‘Memory’ opens with a light guitar, something simple, percussion building behind it, supporting the vocals which are amazing, Arden’s voice is engaging and emotional, and while I raved about the last song, this is one you can easily just get lost in, it just has good vibes, despite the obvious heartache she’s singing about. It’s weird how that happens though sometimes, when even it’s it’s sad or angry, you can really feel a song. 

‘I’m the One to Blame’ has some piano, the chords are strong and change things up a little, I wasn’t likely to drop off but it makes you take notice when an artist adds a new element in, especially midway through an EP. I liked her voice with just the guitar, but this track which is just a little more instrumentally complex helps her voice to shine even more. I like the deeper percussion and her higher notes, both of which made this song, another personal favourite on the EP. 

‘With You’ is softer again, almost a counterpoint after the last track which was just a little busier, and I’m almost going to contradict myself. I said above that the mixed instrumentals really brought out something in Arden’s voice but equally the simpler, gentler music of this track allows her voice to ring through, clearer than ever. With each track I’ve been impressed with her vocals, especially since at least subconsciously I’m coming at this from the point of view that she’s an actress who sings (and I don’t mean that to cause offence) but this track truly shows me how beautiful her voice is. 

‘Don’t Run’ has a high energy intro, very fitting for a song called ‘Don’t Run’, and it kicks this back up a gear again after the last song slowed things down. I liked the harmonies in this one, they were subtle but set this track a part. 

‘Baby It’s You’ is similar to ‘With You’ in that I would describe her voice as beautiful. This track has the edge though, because it has a more engaging beat, and a little more energy to it, it’s a track you can get more involved with, and is another track that will stick in my mind. 

‘Didn’t Know’ is the finale to a great first EP and it’s doesn’t let it down, there’s a tympanic feedback underlaid under her vocals that was a nice addition to the track, it flows well with the guitar and of course Arden’s voice, which takes on new energy and vitality for this closing number. 

So that’s what I thought of Arden Cho’s debut EP ‘My True Happy’ and if you want to check that out for yourself then head on over to Spotify. You can also follow Arden over on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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