Solo Musician Interview: Päter

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To start with, can you tell us who you are, a little about you and your favorite flower and why?
I’m Päter. I’m a musician based in Toronto. My favourite flower is the hibiscus one, because it’s big and topical and loud.

What was the inspiration behind Dam, Damn?
I was feeling really cynical on the particular day that I wrote Dam, Damn and I had a pretty destructive attitude. I’d been trying really hard until that point to be mindful and positive during isolation, and I was so over that whole idea when I wrote that song. I actually didn’t record it on the day I wrote it because it felt too dark, instead I wrote Symptoms and posted Dam the next day.

How do you feel about the reception Dam, Damn got from TikTok?
It’s been so, so cool. I mean, that’s a pretty weird, hyper honest song and to see so many people connecting with it makes me feel a) less alone as a human being and b) pumped to make more music.

What song of your 30-day challenge is your favourite?
Hard to say… day 1 ‘PR’ still feels really special. I had no plans of doing a challenge until I wrote that song, and kept going from there. 

How long have you been interested in creating music?
I’ve been writing since I was about 11. It was an outlet for me growing up. I started performing live and working on things more seriously about two years ago.

Do you feel that music created for and by social media is treated differently by other musicians working within more ‘traditional’ spaces?
What a great question… I don’t know that musicians treat it differently. I think musicians are really open minded and adaptable people (most of the ones I know anyway), especially since the industry has changed so much in the last 10 years. The cool thing about independent musicians operating mainly from social media platforms is that it breaks down the artist/audience hierarchy. Everyone has access to you and the whole process becomes a lot more about community and connection. I think just ideologically that’s really valuable.

What’s the most exciting thing you have coming up?
This album! It’s called SOLE, for a few different reasons, most of which you can probably guess. The next single, Desert, is coming out on Friday and it’s so different from anything I’ve ever done (I would describe it as post-apocalyptic space rock?). I’m really excited for y’all to hear it.

What’s your go to jam session fuel – drinks, coffee, snacks?
Snacks for sure. Just whatever I can get my hands on. I tried having an energy drink one time and it did not go well… Lots of water.

Are there any anecdotes you’d like to share behind any of your songs?
Okay yeah, EIR (Earth In Revolt) is another one that I’m releasing. I started writing it while I was in the car with my mom accompanying her to an errand, having not left the house in over a month. I was looking around at the empty highway at 5pm on a Tuesday and feeling that, even though it doesn’t seem directly related, this pandemic is a result of the way we’ve treated the Earth, the way we consume and rip through resources. I’ve had that feeling right from the start. Kind of consumerist guilt/ the inevitability of ~karma coming around~. I could go on about it for ages. Then the marching chant of ‘you’re gonna see the Earth in Revolt, you’re gonna see the Earth in Revolt’ came up. I recorded a voice memo of it in the car and my mom was very excited by the whole thing.

Of the music you have released/are performing now, what type of movie do you think it would be on the soundtrack of? At what scene?
Haha I love that. I’m living for a lot of the episodics that have come out of British Netflix. Maybe that show The End of the F*cking World is a good vibe for some of these songs. When they’re about to do something supremely mischievous.

And finally, thanks for chatting with us, now take a second to promote yourself! Where can people find updates from you, listen to your music or chat to you?
Thanks for having me! (can I say that about a virtual interview?)

You can find me pretty much everywhere except Twitter. Best place for updates is Instagram (@paterverse), I post everything there, and respond to DMs (if I miss you, try me again!). All the streaming links are on my very simple website that took me three years to make,


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