#StayHomeStaySafe by David McGowran

#StayHomeStaySafe by David McGowran

You can check out a video of the author reading this poem over on the Unchained Media Scotland YouTube channel by clicking here.

Noo the tigers in the Bronx Zoo are coughin up the Covid,
It’s a jar of deadly worms and they’ve realised there’s no lid
Bo Jo’s on the bellows and Betty’s on the box,
Polis on the corner watching oot for second walks

Families surviving on Universal Credit,
Middle classes driving to make an urban exit
Government calls lock down and people are locked in,
Isolation is mentally taking it on the chin

The situation’s real and virus is a killer,
Some find that sad truth out when they’re freezing in the chiller
Hypoxia pneumonia and burst lungs on fire,
Some can take comfort from truths in dark satire

Time now to look out and see what has become,
See what we can do to steer this ship home
Eat well sleep well talk to friends and neighbours,
Stay home stay safe and ignore tomorrow’s papers.


About the Author

I am a self taught cameraman and video editor and creator of Unchained Media Scotland.  The model being a concept that I developed whilst involved in other alternative media.  Quite simply we are not for profit and keep our funds healthy by providing video production services to other not for profit organisations.   Poetry for me is something that I have always thought about doing but could never seem to do but the lockdown gave me a whole load of free time and space which I decided to embrace.  Our lives are all changing and this is a lot to process.  Writing poetry allowed me to deal with my feelings in a healthy manner and leading by example encouraged others in the team to follow.  We’ve had a great response and the climax could well be having our recitals played on local FM radio; SunnyG.


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